The Meta-cognitive Pattern Indicator (MPI) is a psychometric assessment of how individuals think and learn. Developed over 10 year's research, and tested on over 3000 participants, MPI has proved a reliable diagnostic instrument for use in personal and professional development.

We all run patterns in the way we think and behave; we have become so used to thinking and behaving in particular ways that we don't usually think about them consciously. Being able to 'think about our thinking' means we can assess how our patterns of thinking influence our behaviour.

MPI Test
MPI Test

MPI is a powerful and effective instrument for raising awareness of the personal patterns we run in thinking and learning. Participants have reported the empowering and potentially life-changing effects of the insights gained.

MPI does not put people into boxes. Completion of the test gives participants a detailed and personal profile of the patterns they run in thinking and learning. The understanding gained can then be productively channelled into personal and professional development.

The ability to learn and develop is crucial to achieving success in a fast-changing world. We believe that people of all ages can access the benefits of self-awareness. That's why - as well as the version of MPI specifically applicable to workplace situations - we have developed versions of MPI to help young people and students in higher education and training enhance their learning.

Integrating MPI through an organisation brings considerable benefits. Whether using MPI to support recruitment, develop teams or to improve appraisal schemes, MPI can enhance an organisation's productivity, effectiveness and profitability.

MPI Test

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